FREYRE Expression of Interest

FREYRE Expression of

For enquiries about FREYRE, please contact, [email protected]
Department of Research, Evaluation, and Foresight (REEF)

The Framework to Reinforce Exchanges between Youth and Regions through Education (FREYRE) is a core programme of the Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC). It supports OSC’s “purpose of serving Humanity’s eternal aspirations, for which the Universal Declaration of Balanced and Inclusive Education was proclaimed.” FREYRE also supports OSC’s mandate to strengthen cultural, social, and academic ties in the Global South by enabling student mobility between institutions located within Member States and those affiliated with Associate Members. FREYRE resonates with Paulo Freire’s educational philosophy; it aims to build solidarity within the Global South while giving learners the opportunity to critically examine and contribute to transformative social and economic development of the region.

Participating higher educational institutions (HEIs) agree to a tuition reciprocity agreement under FREYRE.  Additionally, they agree to participate in the FREYRE Learning Recognition System (FLRS), which ensures that courses taken at a host HEI are recognised and credits awarded to students by their home HEI, based on the home institution credit system. FLRS also encompasses a set of FREYRE Learning Outcomes which are intrinsic to the FREYRE experience. FREYRE Learning Outcomes embody a holistic, experiential, and socially embedded approach to learning, in the pursuit of “praxis” that benefits not only learners but also the development of their societies.

This is a call for Expression of Interest by HEIs that are interested in participating in the FREYRE Programme by becoming a host and/or sending institution. Non-academic institutions such as NGOs, civil society organisations, foundations, research institutes and think tanks that become members of a FREYRE Consortium are also eligible to participate in FREYRE and are invited to express interest through this form.


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