Flagship Programmes

Framework to Reinforce Exchanges between Youth and Regions through Education (FREYRE)

Named in honour of Paulo Freire, the Brazilian educator and author of the seminal publication “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, FREYRE is a visionary initiative of the OSC aimed at fostering student mobility, cultural exchange, and inter-regional academic cooperation across the Global South.

The programme seeks to create a platform for students and scholars to gain enriching educational experiences and build lasting connections across Member States. FREYRE will also build networks and coalitions of future leaders from the Global South, whilst raising consciousness of a community of destiny.

Key objectives

  • 1
    Promote academic mobility
    FREYRE provides students and scholars with opportunities and means to study, conduct research, and gain professional experience in different regions of the Global South;
  • 2
    Build cross-cultural understanding
    FREYRE promotes cross-cultural exchange and fosters a shared identity, respectful of difference, amongst young people from diverse backgrounds;
  • 3
    Enhance inter-regional cooperation
    FREYRE strengthens cooperation among Member States of the OSC across the countries of the Global South to address common challenges and achieve shared goals and aspirations in education and development.

Programme highlights

Diverse mobility opportunities

Participants can choose from a range of academic, research, and skills development programmes offered by institutions within any of the FREYRE modalities.

Cross-cultural enrichment

FREYRE provides a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in new cultures, languages, and traditions, enriching their personal and professional growth.

Endogenous development focus

The program places emphasis on education for endogenous development, aligning with efforts of OSC Member States towards a more equitable and prosperous future through a Third Way of Development.

Alumni network

Graduates of the FREYRE programme will join an alumni network that supports their professional development.

How it works

Student and scholar exchange

FREYRE facilitates exchanges for students and scholars between participating institutions and Member States across the Global South.

Learning recognition

Academic credits earned during the exchange are recognised and transferable, ensuring a seamless journey for participants.

Tuition fee reciprocity

Students only pay tuition fees, if any, at their home institutions.

Ongoing support

Participating institutions have FREYRE liaison officers or faculty advisors to oversee the programme on their campuses and provide ongoing support and mentorship to participants.

Who can participate

FREYRE is open to students, scholars, and young people aged 18-40 from Member States of the OSC. Eligibility criteria may vary based on specific exchange programmes and institutions.


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