Calls for Application

for 400 Postgraduate Scholarships for Students from OSC Member States

Festival of the Greater South

Peoples in Motion, Living Cultures

Launched by the Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC), the Festival of the Greater South: Peoples in Motion, Living Cultures is an annual event firmly grounded in the boundless richness of the heritage of peoples, communities, and nations of the Greater South…

How to effectively apply Endogenous Knowledge from the Global South, takes centre stage at the

INGSA 24 Conference in Kigali

The issue of Endogenous knowledge within the Global South came under the spotlight today, on the margins of the 5th International Network for Governmental Science Advice (INGSA24) Conference in Kigali.

Plans afoot for the OSC

Transdisciplinary Research Centre

for West Africa

A delegation from the Organisation of Southern Cooperation is in The Gambia, for high-level discussions with senior Government officials, on the establishment of a Transdisciplinary Research Centre (ITRC) for the West African Region.

Balanced and Inclusive Education Training:

An Innovator’s Perspective

The first training by the Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC)’s Institute, from 17 April 2024, is aimed at providing participants with in-depth knowledge and information about Balanced and Inclusive Education, a key mandate of the OSC.

The Republic of the Congo Deposits

Instrument of Acceptance

to the Organisation of Southern Cooperation

The Republic of the Congo has consolidated its full membership status of the Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) with the depositing of the Instrument of Acceptance by H.E. Daniel Owassa, Ambassador of the Republic of the Congo to Ethiopia, and Permanent Representative to the African Union.


Building Balanced and Inclusive Education Systems

Transforming education systems through the vision, values and principles proclaimed within the Universal Declaration of Balanced and Inclusive Education (UDBIE).

Reinforcing transdisciplinary research and production capacities

Building Southern capacities in contextual and effective research and development, through the democratisation of access and production of knowledge, renewing dialogue between academic and endogenous knowledge domains.

Developing endogenous technologies

Bridging sustainably the techno-digital divide between technology producing and consuming countries, and accelerating the development of national and regional, open-source solutions.

Enhancing fiscal space through debt relief and highly concessional financing for development

Leveraging interventions to optimise sovereignty-enhancing development spending, strengthen debt negotiation strategies, and increase access to fresh, non-conditional finance.

A Third Way

of Development

from the South

Contributing to the construction of a Third Way of Development, the OSC further supports Member States in six strategic and sovereignty-enhancing sectors:

Endogenous technology and high value-added industrialisation

Enabling countries of the Greater South to become drivers, instead of remaining passengers, of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and to pass from low to high valued-added content exports.

Infrastructure development

Investing collectively in affordable, accessible, and sustainable infrastructure development, enhancing Southern integration.

Integral health

Addressing health inequalities and inequity, and accounting for the interdependence of human, veterinary, environmental health.

Renewable energy

Advancing a clean and sustainable energy future for Humanity, through energy sovereignty in the Greater South.

Sustainable agriculture

Achieving food sovereignty and building agricultural resilience, adaptation, and sustainability.

Balanced and Inclusive Education (BIE)

Transforming education systems for the 21st century, from the South.

Voices of the South

Shaping the

We Need

“As the intergovernmental organisation of the South and not merely for it; as the first international organisation by the South, and not arrogantly on behalf of it; the Organisation of Southern Cooperation firmly believes in the importance of a new kind of multilateralism, one that adopts a framework of equality amongst parties, of equity in their relations, and of elevating solidarity, rather than debasing charity.”

Manssour Bin Mussallam

The Secretary-General


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