Flagship Programmes

The Greater South Fair for Endogenous Technologies (GreSFET)

GreSFET is a biennial international fair for endogenous technologies convened by the OSC to promote endogenous technologies, foster strategic partnerships, and align local innovations with global platforms.

GreSFET also aims to enhance the digital ecosystem and facilitate policy articulation for endogenous technology development. With the first edition of GreSFET scheduled for September 2024, the objectives of this initiative are to:

  • 1
    Promote endogenous technologies by showcasing local solutions and innovations;
  • 2
    Enhance strategic partnerships by encouraging collaboration between innovators, developers, and industries;
  • 3
    Promote Global-Local technology pairing;
  • 4
    Promote innovation environment by fostering an innovative ecosystem through policy and strategy enhancement.

Who is GreSFET for?

This international fair will benefit technology developers, scientists, education institutions, civil society, and public and private sector actors from OSC Member States and the wider Global South.

GreSFET activities

The major activities of GreSFET are:

  • Interactive Fair
    Engaging activities, panel discussions, presentations and competitions; Booths: Exhibition space for innovative projects and interactive demonstrations;
  • Side Events
    Focused discussions and competitions on endogenous technologies; and Networking: connecting delegates, industries, academia, and media.

GreSFET thematic areas

Endogenous Technologies

Showcasing solutions for national and local challenges;

Information Technology

Software, hardware, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, networking among others;


Practical applications in various engineering disciplines;

Earth and Space Sciences

Exploration of Earth, universe, geology, and more;

Interdisciplinary Technologies

Interdisciplinary solutions by teams.


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