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The Greater South Learning Enrichment Resources Nexus (GreSLERN)

GreSLERN is an open-source, free-of-charge, and customisable digital learning platform available to OSC Member States and curriculum development centres in Member States.

GreSLERN is designed to facilitate the production of interactive, engaging, and contextualised learning resources that adhere to the principles of Balanced and Inclusive Education (BIE), which can take multiple formats including text, video, audio, interactive activities, and adaptive technologies.


The primary objective of GreSLERN is to establish a sustainable means of bridging the techno-digital gap between the Global South and the Global North, as well as between countries of the Global South and within countries themselves.

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    GreSLERN aims to solve:
    Lack of representation in educational content;
    Limited accessibility for those with disabilities;
    Lack of relevance of educational content;
    Unequal learning opportunities.
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    GreSLERN also aims to enhance:
    Accessibility and affordability;
    Scalability and flexibility;
    Customisation and localisation;
    Standardisation and quality control;
    Collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Key Features that Distinguish GreSLERN

GreSLERN is the first of its kind to facilitate the production of learning resources that comply with the Balanced and Inclusive Education (BIE) standards. It offers several features and benefits to promote balanced and inclusive education:

  • Facilitating collaboration:
    GreSLERN enables collaboration among educators, teachers, learners, and community knowledge holders, as well as subject matter experts.
  • Customisable open-source platform:
    GreSLERN is open-source, enabling member states to customise it according to their specific needs.
  • Free training:
    GreSLERN comes with free training to equip member states with basic and detailed knowledge of the BIE pillars and problem-posing pedagogy.

BIE compliant learning resources

GreSLERN will serve as a platform for BIE compliant learning resources, which are resources that adhere to the four pillars of Balanced and Inclusive Education: interculturalism, transdisciplinarity, dialecticism, and contextuality.

By combining BIE resources that are sensitive and responsive to the cultural, ethical, and social dimensions of the learning process with digital approaches, GreSLERN will allow teacher-facilitators to create more engaging and effective learning experiences that meet the needs of diverse learners.

Who is GreSLERN for?

GreSLERN is a digital learning platform that will cater to the needs of:

Higher education learners;

Educational content creators and Instructional designers;

Educational institutions and curriculum developers;

Subject matter experts and E-learning professionals;

Community and non-academic knowledge stakeholders.

GreSLERN capabilities

GreSLERN will allow users to author or compile educational content with features such as:

  • A comprehensive guideline for developing BIE-compliant learning resources.
  • A range of page templates including interactive e-books, assessments, quizzes, infographics, explainer videos, case studies, simulations, and gamification.
  • Ability to import multimedia files (video, audio).
  • Ability to select preferred collaborators to foster collaboration in creating learning resources.
  • Increasing the reach of the learning resource by either making it public on the platform or selectively sharing it with specific users.
  • Ability to preview and proofread the final output in various online/offline formats, assessing its adherence to BIE standards by comparing it with pre-established scoring metrics available on the platform.


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