Flagship Programmes

The Greater South Information System (GreSIS)

GreSIS is a revolutionary digital, open-access, and collaborative hub of academic and endogenous knowledge developed by the OSC to democratise access to, and the production of, knowledge in the Greater South.

Key objectives

  • 1
    Improve access to knowledge across academic and non-academic knowledge domains;
  • 2
    Make higher education more accessible to all;
  • 3
    Collect, preserve, and make indigenous and endogenous knowledge of the Global South accessible;
  • 4
    Make research from the Global South more visible;
  • 5
    Develop and scale new ways of collaborative research across the Global South.

Who is GreSIS for?

GreSIS is an open and accessible transdisciplinary knowledge platform catering to the needs of institutions and individuals in the Greater South:

  • Scholarly and academic institutions such as universities, academies of science, student unions, among others;
  • Researchers, scholars, educators, and students pursuing higher education;
  • Indigenous people and community organisations;
  • Civil society organisations and practitioners;
  • Government Ministries and other bodies.

GreSIS resources

Academic and peer-reviewed publications;

Non-academic publications such as project reports, policy briefs, and white papers;

Indigenous and endogenous knowledge, including text, visual, and audio-visual materials;

Opinion pieces from Southern thought leaders;

Research, teaching guides and toolkits.

GreSIS capabilities

GreSIS allows users to “look up” knowledge and “link up” with other knowledge producers across the Global South.  Resources on GreSIS are available through Featured Collections as well as a search function that includes filters to facilitate the identification of material.

Translation of texts into (at least) the four official OSC languages – English, French, Spanish and Arabic– will facilitate the accessibility of knowledge shared on GreSIS. GreSIS users can also connect through the platform and carry out collaborative research.


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