Flagship Programmes

OSC Institute

The OSC Institute is a flagship programme of the OSC established to provide experts and policy makers from Member States and Associate Members with comprehensive and intensive courses to build institutional capacities in: Balanced and Inclusive Education (BIE); transdisciplinary research and production; endogenous technology development; and strategic, economic transformation.


The core objective of the courses at the OSC Institute is to enhance and reinforce national capacities in Member States to contribute to a Third Way of Development. In particular, the Institute’s courses are meant to develop:

  • 1
    Skills and capacities of policymakers in systemic governance;
  • 2
    Capacities in curricula, pedagogy, and assessment transformation, through curriculum and social alignment, with the core principles of BIE;
  • 3
    Institutional capacities to foster transdisciplinary research and production, as well as endogenous technology development ecosystems;
  • 4
    Capacities in loan and debt restructuring negotiations as well as strategic economic planning and investment for endogenous development.

Delivery mode

In its establishment phase, all OSC Institute capacity-building programmes shall be held in-person at the Headquarters of the OSC. In due course, where relevant, programmes adopting a blended approach will be delivered, in which some components of the training modules may be offered in person and other may be completed through online learning.

In the medium to long-term, the OSC Institute will also offer selective Internet Based Interactive Learning courses, forming the curriculum of a full-fledged programme, to enable learners in their home countries to learn remotely, at their own pace.

Rollout and modalities

The OSC Institute is scheduled to launch in January 2024, with the year dedicated to training programmes in BIE. The participants will be composed of Ministry of Education officials from the sectors of curriculum design, teacher training, and assessments. They will undertake a two-months intensive capacity-building programme at the Institute.

The training programmes related to transdisciplinary research and production, endogenous technology development, and strategic economic transformation are planned to be made available in the second half of 2025.


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