The Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) is inviting competent service providers to submit Proposals for Car Rental Services

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For Car Rental Services


The Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) was established on 29 January 2020 by African, Asian and Pacific Island, Latin American and Caribbean, Middle Eastern countries at the International Summit on Balanced and Inclusive Education held in Djibouti. 

As set out by its Constitutive Charter, the purpose of the OSC is to “contribute to the equitable, just, and prosperous social transformation of societies by promoting balanced and inclusive education, to attain the fundamental rights to liberty, justice, dignity, sustainability, social cohesion, and material and immaterial security for the peoples of the world. 

The Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) wishes to enter into a long-term agreement (s) with a service provider that can provide Car Rental Services to the OSC office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

The OSC does not guarantee exclusive procurement from the Service Provider nor any minimum order or quantity of services. The Service provider is expected to win over market share through its quality service and competitive prices.


The primary objective of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to identify competent service providers to provide car rental services for a period of two years with the possibility of an extension of up to 1 year upon confirmation of satisfactory service and performance. 

A. Scope of service 

The service provider is expected to provide the following services:

B.    Expected Deliverables 

For the Drivers  

  1. Drivers must possess a valid Ethiopian driving license, with a category that covers auto and above. They should have at least 5 years of experience in driving passengers, extensive knowledge of local traffic rules, and familiarity with various locations within Addis Ababa.
  2. Drivers should possess sufficient literacy skills to maintain the logbook and communicate fluently in English. They are required to adhere to OSC Logistics’ instructions, including procedures and internal rules, and maintain the confidentiality of work-related information.
  3. The owner cannot replace a driver without obtaining prior consent from OSC.
    If a driver approved by OSC becomes unavailable, this change must be promptly communicated to the
  4. Logistics Focal person. The owner commits to assigning a new driver within twenty-four (24) hours of the original driver’s unavailability. The new driver will also undergo validation by the logistics focal person.
  5. The rental company is responsible for covering expenses related to the driver’s remuneration, food, accommodation, and other associated costs.
  6. Drivers are responsible for conducting daily and weekly checks on the vehicle in accordance with internal procedures and best practices. They must report any issues promptly to the car rental company including the Administration.
  7. For full-day service, drivers are expected to work a maximum of 10 hours a day. Drivers with vehicles should be available to serve OSC within this timeframe.
  8. Regular alcohol and drug tests are mandatory for all drivers. The company is also expected to provide awareness sessions on OSC code of conduct. 
  9. Drivers must adhere to a specific dress code (For Special events only), wearing Black trousers and white shirts or the company’s designated uniform.
  10. Drivers are required to maintain high standards of personal hygiene and wear a uniform during working hours. They should be equipped with a mobile phone and a SIM card provided by the service provider.

For vehicles:

  1. Luxury vehicles should not be older than the 2019 model year, while other vehicles should not be older than the 2016 model year.
  2. The service provider’s vehicles must possess valid vehicle documentation, including certificates of ownership, licenses, roadworthiness certificates, and comprehensive insurance. If the vehicles are not owned by the company, proof of control and access must be provided.
  3. The rental company is responsible for all repair and maintenance of the vehicles, ensuring they are in good working order, well-presented, and properly maintained and cleaned. The vehicles should also be equipped with the necessary equipment and documents as prescribed by local regulations.
  4. The rental company must provide valid insurance coverage for vehicles, passengers, and third parties.
  5. The rental company should adhere to all safety rules, including ensuring that all vehicles are equipped with seat belts for all passengers and air conditioning. Each car should have safety equipment such as spare wheels/tires, jacks and tools for changing tires, warning/hazard triangles, tow ropes, fire extinguishers, and small first aid kits.
  6. OSC reserves the right to inspect the vehicles either before putting them into service or at any other time during the contract term. If an inspection reveals that a vehicle is not in roadworthy condition, requires servicing or repairs, or does not comply with the contract terms, the owner must promptly address these issues at their own cost. The owner is also responsible for returning any items left in the vehicle by OSC passengers upon discovery.


The service provider is required to participate in periodic meetings, as scheduled by OSC. These meetings aim to evaluate and discuss contract management, covering service objectives, industry trends, specific service plans, related policies, performance indicators, and the quality of service, including customer satisfaction.

The service provider must submit performance reports on all agreed service standards. These discussions serve the purpose of identifying appropriate responses to specific situations, recognizing trends and opportunities for service improvement, and agreeing on corrective actions when necessary.


A. Eligibility Criteria:

  • Proof of local business registration
  • Proof of local tax registration
  • 5 years experience providing car rental services to international or governmental agencies in similar capacities. 
  • Minimum owned fleet size must be 30 vehicles.
  • The vehicle must be a minimum of 2016 models for the regular cars and 2019 models for the Luxury cars.
  • All vehicles must have a minimum of 3rd party insurance coverage. 

B. Evaluation Criteria 

Interested service providers should submit their proposals as follows. 

1. Physically to the OSC Headquarters at Egypt St., Lideta Sub-City, Woreda 04, House N0 1986, 1165 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Beside Chanolly Restaurant in Mekanisa 

2. Or send it electronically to [email protected] no later than 3rd October 2023.  The proposal should indicate the title of the proposal covers and include the following:

  • Company profile, including experience in providing Car Rental services.
  • Health and safety measures are taken.
  • Details of previous services provided to similar organisations and references.
  • Proposed service plan, including the plan when booked for events of OSC.
  • Details of the cars. 
  • Cost estimate, including all fees. (In a separate envelope) 

3. Technical Meeting for Clarification will be held 20th September 2023 4:00AM. Join online by clicking the link.  

4. Questions about this tender should be sent to email: [email protected], Phone: +251 98 927 1678

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