The Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) would like to Announce a Request for Proposal to enter into a Long Term Agreement(s) with one (or few) of the most Competent Travel Management Company (ies) to Serve all its Travel Management Services (TMS)

Status: Closed

Organisation of Southern Cooperation
Egypt St., Lideta Sub-City, Woreda 04,
House N° 1986, 1165 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
To: All Suppliers 

Request for Proposal: RFP-ETH-23-001 – Travel Management Services 


The Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) was established on 29 January 2020 by African, Asian, and Pacific 
Island, Latin American and the Caribbean and Middle Eastern countries at the International Summit on Balanced and 
Inclusive Education held in Djibouti.

As set out by its Constitutive Charter, the purpose of the OSC is to “contribute to the equitable, just, and prosperous social transformation of societies by promoting balanced and inclusive education, to attain the fundamental rights to liberty, justice, dignity, sustainability, social cohesion, and material and immaterial security for the peoples of the world.

The Organisation for Southern Cooperation (OSC) wishes to enter into Long Term Agreement(s) with one (or few) of the most competent Travel Management Company (ies) to serve all its Travel Management Services (TMS).

Therefore, the OSC requests you to submit a proposal (s) for the supply of the item(s) listed on the attached Bid Form Section A.

The Tender details are as follows



  • This RFP is launched for the purpose of establishing a long-term agreement with the supplier for the supply of  Travel management services (TMS) for a period of 3 years. Renewable yearly. 
  • A long-term agreement is not binding OSC to place any Purchase Orders. OSC will place orders to the awarded 
    supplier based on the agreement as per its requirements.
  • OSC may choose to cancel the agreement if deemed necessary.
  • OSC may choose to split the contract award to more than one supplier.
  • The delivery time of the supply shall be within 24 hours of placing the order. OSC may terminate the contract if the supplier fails to deliver items within this period.
  • No advance payment will be paid to the awarded supplier. The awarded supplier is expected to mobilize its own resources to deliver the agreed services.


The criteria for awarding contracts resulting from this Tender is based on Weighted Cost & Quality Evaluation. For all bids deemed technically compliant, OSC will give a weighted combined technical and financial score. 
The weighted score will determine the contract award.

Please note that bids shall respond to all criteria or their bid may be disqualified.

A. Administrative Evaluation

A bid shall pass the administrative evaluation stage before being considered for technical and financial evaluation. Bids that are deemed administratively non-compliant may be rejected. Documents listed below shall be submitted with your bid

B. Technical Evaluation

To be technically acceptable, the bid shall meet or exceed the stipulated requirements and specifications in the RFP. A 
A bid is deemed to meet the criteria if it confirms that it meets the conditions, procedures, and specifications in the RFP  without substantially departing from or attaching restrictions to them. If a Bid does not technically comply with the  RFP, will be rejected.

C. Financial Evaluation
All bids that pass the Technical Evaluation will proceed to the Financial Evaluation. Bids that are deemed technically 
non-compliant will not be financially evaluated. 


The following processes will be applied to this Tender:

  • Tender Period
  • Tender Closing
  • Tender Opening
  • Administrative Evaluation
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Financial Evaluation
  • Contract Award
  • Notification of Contract Award


Bidders are solely responsible for ensuring that the full bid is received by OSC in accordance with the RFP requirements,  prior to the specified date and time mentioned above. OSC will consider only those portions of the bids received prior to the closing date and time specified. 

The following documents shall be contained with the bid:

  • All administrative documents 
  • Documents required to prove technical compliance.

Bids not submitted on the Bid form, or not received before the indicated time and date as set forth on page 1, or  delivered to any other email address, or physical address will be disqualified.

Bids submitted by mail, email, or courier by so are at the Bidder’s risk and OSC takes no responsibility for the receipt of such Bids.

Bidders are solely responsible for ensuring that the full Bid is received by OSC in accordance with the RFP requirements.

A. Hard Copy:

Hard copy Bids shall be separated into ‘Financial Bid’ and ‘Technical Bid’:

  • The Financial Bid shall only contain the financial bid form, Annex A.2
  • The Technical Bid shall contain all other documents required by the tender as mentioned in section A. Administrative Evaluation but excluding any pricing information.

Each part shall be placed in a sealed envelope, marked as follows:

RFP No.: OSC-ETH-RFP-001-23 – Travel Management Services TECHNICAL BID

Bidder Name:
RFP No.: OSC-ETH-RFP-001-23 – Travel Management Services


Bidder Name:

Both envelopes shall be placed in an outer sealed envelope, addressed and delivered to: Attn: Ms. Amarachi R. Nzenwa Procurement Specialist

RFP No.: OSC-ETH-RFP-001-23 – Travel Management Services
Organisation of Southern Cooperation
Egypt St., Lideta Sub-City, Woreda 04,
House N° 1986, 1165 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Email submission 

Bids can be submitted by email to the following dedicated, controlled, & secure email address:  [email protected] 

When Bids are emailed, the following conditions shall be complied with:

  • The RFP number shall be inserted in the Subject Heading of the email,
  • Separate emails shall be used for the ‘Financial Bid’ and ‘Technical Bid’, and the Subject Heading  of the email shall indicate which type of the email contains,
    • The financial bid shall only contain the financial bid form, 
    • The technical bid shall contain all other documents required by the tender, but exclude all pricing information,
  • Bid documents required shall be included as an attachment to the email in PDF, JPEG, TIF format, or the 
    the same type of files provided as a ZIP file. Documents in MS Word or excel formats will result in the bid being  disqualified. 
  • Email attachments shall not exceed 4MB; otherwise, the bidder shall send his bid in multiple emails.
  • Financial Bids Must be Locked, and a password provided at the request of OSC 

Failure to comply with the above may disqualify the Bid.

OSC is not responsible for the failure of the Internet, network, server, or any other hardware, or software, used by  either the Bidder or OSC in the processing of emails. 

OSC is not responsible for the non-receipt of Bids submitted by email as part of the e-Tendering process. Bids can be submitted in one of two ways: hardcopy or electronically. If the Bidder submits a Bid in both  Hardcopy and electronically, OSC will choose the version that is the most advantageous to OSC. Bids submitted electronically should be locked, and passwords shared on the request of OSC. 



A. Prices Quoted

Any discount offered shall be included in the Bid price. 

B. Currency

The currency of the Bid shall be in US Dollars. No other currencies are acceptable. 

C. Language

The Bid Form and all correspondence and documents related to this RFP shall be written in English. Printed literature 
furnished by the Bidder may be written in another language so long as accompanied by a certified translation of its pertinent passages. 

D. Presentation

Bids shall be clearly legible. Prices entered in lead pencil will not be considered. All erasures, amendments, or alterations shall be initialed by the signatory to the Bid. Do not submit blank pages of the Bid Form and/or schedules which are unnecessary for your offer. 

E. Split Awards

OSC reserves the right to split awards.

F. Validity Period

Bids shall be valid for at least the minimum number of days specified (120 days) in the RFP from the date of Bid closure.  OSC reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, the validity period in respect of Bids which do not specify  any such maximum or minimum limitation

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