21 March

World Poetry Day

From Verse to Vision: How Literature Shapes Our World


In the province of human discourse, where the interplay of culture and the narrative converges, poetry and literature act as profound agents of rich knowledge within the Global South. Evoking the ethos of civilisations past and present, poetry and literature serve as conduits for the transmission of collective wisdom, cultural and historical memory, and societal critique.

On the occasion of World Poetry Day, observed annually –March 21-, the Organisation of Southern Cooperation (OSC) recognises the inherent power of Poetry as a unifying force that transcends differences. Poetry is a universal language and emotive resonance, that amplifies the call for global cooperation and unity. Through the artistry of verse, it reminds us of our interconnectedness and collective responsibility towards building a brighter future for, and by the people of the South.

Ink and Influence

The OSC actively contributes the ideals of solidarity and sustainable development through its notable projects:


OSC emphasises building Southern capacities in research and development, democratising access to knowledge, and fostering dialogue between academic and endogenous knowledge domains. Reinforcing transdisciplinary research and production capacities, paving the way for contextual and effective solutions, through these digital knowledge platforms.

OSC Transdisciplinary Research Institute

Actively engaged in offering expertise in curriculum development, teacher training, assessment methodologies, and inclusive pedagogies to enhance the quality and relevance of education, to address systemic barriers, promoting inclusive practices at all levels of the education system for all learners.

UDBIE (Universal Declaration of Balanced and Inclusive Education)

Actively engaged in reshaping education systems by embracing the vision, values, and principles of the Universal Declaration of Balanced and Inclusive Education (UDBIE). The OSC commitment lies in creating educational landscapes that empower every learner for a sustainable future.
Through the beauty of language and the richness of human expression, poetry has the potential to unite us in our shared humanity and journey towards a brighter future. Join us in embracing this transformative power to foster cultural understanding, inspire creativity, and drive positive change in our world.

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