OSC’s main programmes of activities and budget approved by Founding States and Associate Members during General Assembly


Founding States and Associate Members unanimously approved the Organisation of Educational Cooperation’s (OEC) main programmes of activities and budget for the biennium 2022-2023.

The Programme and Budget of the OEC, which sets out the strategic objectives and expected outcomes for the Organization’s work in the biennium, is approved every two years by OEC’s General Assembly.

The document establishes both a programme of work and a budget based on the priorities identified in the Strategic Plan. It describes what OEC is expected to do and achieve within a specific biennium, specifies the strategies to achieve measurable results alongside the capacities and the resources required to deliver those results, and authorizes the relevant regular budget expenditure.

As an international organisation founded with the purpose of contributing to “the equitable, just, and prosperous social transformation of societies by promoting balanced and inclusive education, in order to attain the fundamental rights to liberty, justice, dignity, sustainability, social cohesion, and material and immaterial security for the peoples of the world“, the OEC’s Programme has been designed in such a manner as to provide   innovative   proposals   within the context of the OEC’s mandate and which includes assisting Member States in achieving the educational transformation envisaged by the Universal Declaration of Balanced and Inclusive Education (UDBIE), and addressing the pressing needs of Member states in a rapidly evolving and challenging international environment. As such, the Programme for 2022-2023 accounts for the essential short-term priorities of Member States as well as the investments which must be made for the medium to long term inn order to achieve their collective and respective aspirations, within the bounds of the Organisation’s first biennium.

The five focus areas identified in the Programme and Budget for 2022-2023 are:

  • Focus Area I: Systemic Governance and System Enhancement
  • Focus Area II: Formal, Technical, and Vocational Education and Training
  • Focus Area III: Higher Education and Transdisciplinary Research
  • Focus Area IV: Innovative Technologies and Digital Infrastructure
  • Focus Area V: South-South Cooperation and Multilateral Platforms



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