The delegation of the Organisation of Southern Cooperation arrives in Nicaragua


A delegation of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC), headed by its Secretary General, H.E. Mr. Manssour Bin Mussallam, arrived in the Republic of Nicaragua on Monday afternoon at the invitation of the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity.

The reception at the International Airport “Augusto César Sandino” was attended by H.E. Ms. Lilliam Herrera, Minister of Education, and Ms. Leticia Talavera, Director of Protocol of the Nicaraguan Government.

Herrera, who is also a teacher, welcomed the delegation and stated that “everything we can teach and learn from you in the field of education, which is our greatest strength and our greatest interest, is that we strengthen the ties of cooperation with the OEC”.

For his part, Manssour Bin Mussallam stated that he was honoured to be in the sister Republic of Nicaragua, after having hoped for two years ago to organise his first official visit as Secretary-General.

“It was essential to make sure to visit Managua, to have a dialogue with the Government of the Republic and the people of Nicaragua, a founding member state of th OEC, the first of the 27 member states to have ratified our collective instrument” he said.

Bin Mussallam then referred to the peoples of the Global South, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Arab world, Asia and the Pacific, as the common space for the collective construction of a third way of development, an inclusive, prosperous and equitable alternative that protects the material and immaterial security of all peoples at all times.

In his introductory message, he also expressed his confidence that his arrival here is the first step in a relationship of fraternity and brotherhood with the people of the Central American nation to build together a better world and a better society for every Nicaraguan and every citizen of the Global South, but also for humanity.

Finally, he thanked those present for their generosity and said he had high hopes in terms of the accomplishments he hopes to achieve together during his official stay until 24 March.

In the meantime, great expectations are generated by the meeting that the OEC head is expected to hold with President Daniel Ortega, as this will open the doors to the exploration of prospects for greater coordination for the realisation of their shared aspirations for an equitable and inclusive sustainable development.

The extensive programme of the OEC activities on Sandinista soil also includes a meeting this Tuesday with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denis Moncada.

Emphasising the Organisation’s mission to support countries in achieving the implementation of the Universal Declaration on Balanced and Inclusive Education, the Secretary General plans to hold working meetings with the Ministry of Education, the National Council of Universities, and the National Institute of Technology.

Similarly, a tour of the “Centro República de Cuba” is envisaged, with the aim of improving complementarity in the exchange of specialised knowledge and to learn first-hand about the use made there of educational technology, school sports and art and culture workshops.


The OEC was founded on 29 January 2020 by countries of the Global South as an instrument of intellectual, technical and financial cooperation and solidarity among its member states and associate members. One of the objectives of the OEC is to support and assist in the implementation of the commitments made in the Universal Declaration on Balanced and Inclusive Education, proclaimed in Djibouti City.


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