OSC and Prensa Latina: for the education and truth of our peoples


In dialogue with the President of Prensa Latina, Mr. Luis Enrique González, the Secretary-General of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC), H.E. Mr. Manssour Bin Mussallam, praised the work of the agency’s professionals and expressed interest in establishing alliances in the areas of communication.

For his part, Enrique González ratified the decision to continue working together with the OEC because the duty of the Latin American News Agency since its creation in 1959 is to transmit events with objectivity.

The OEC, as the first Organisation of the Global South, believes in the decisive role of the media not only to disseminate information, but also to proactively involve the people in the transformation of their realities, Bin Mussallam assured.

Convinced that the aspiration for a genuinely alternative third development path is increasingly becoming a reality, the Secretary-General explained the collective responsibility of the 27 member states of the Organisation in this endeavour, in addition to civil society and regional and global academic bodies.

On the OEC’s Agenda 2022 – 2023, he defined as a roadmap the need to fulfil the commitments contained in the Universal Declaration on Balanced and Inclusive Education, develop systemic solutions, strengthen mutual understanding and contribute to sustainable development.

Bin Mussallam also referred to the urgency of democratising knowledge through the creation of a knowledge-sharing platform that welcomes comprehensive resources for learning about similar challenges and best practices by integrating solidarity.

“Rebuilding utopias to walk”, he insisted, because a better world is possible, and that “we can and must rebuild it” through education for the good of humanity.


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