Secretary-General-elect met with Comorian National Assembly President


As part of his official visit to the Union of Comoros, the Secretary-General-elect of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC), H.E. Manssour Bin Mussallam, met in Moroni with the President of the Comorian National Assembly, H.E. Moustadroine Abdou.

Following his arrival, the Secretary-General-elect emphasised that his visit to Comoros is an expression of OEC’s ambition to enhance all forms of cooperation in areas of mutual interest and build equitable South-South solidarity-based cooperation to best serve the interests of youth and societies in OEC’s Founding States.

The National Assembly President highlighted, in turn, the importance of coordination between OEC and the National Assembly as the supreme legislative body of Comoros and reiterated that the Assembly will proceed in the coming days with the ratification of OEC’s Constitutive Charter.

Expressing his appreciation to the National Assembly and its President for their resolve to support OEC’s operationalisation, the Secretary-General-elect reiterated the Organisation’s determination to place the necessary means and resources, at the collective disposal of OEC’s Founding States, to realise their aspirations for equitable, sustainable development through balanced and inclusive education.

He affirmed that OEC will undertake joint efforts with the Comorian government to define and implement programmes in conformity with the country’s short- and long-term development objectives and immediate priorities.

The National Assembly President stated, in turn, that the present context of international cooperation makes it all the more necessary to enhance South-South, solidarity-based cooperation and that OEC’s establishment will have a positive impact on development in the country.


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