Secretary-General visits the “República de Cuba” Centre in Nicaragua


The Secretary-General of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC), H.E. Mr. Manssour Bin Mussullam, visited this Wednesday the “República de Cuba” Centre as part of his official visit to Nicaragua to support the fulfilment of the commitments contained in the Universal Declaration on Balanced and Inclusive Education (UDBIE).

Accompanied by the Minister of Education (MINED), H.E. Ms. Lilliam Herrera, Bin Mussallam was received by students who showed their talent in dances and recitals, artistic expressions transmitting values and emotions.

Upon arriving at the classrooms of the public school, with an enrolment of 2,131 children in kindergarten, primary and secondary education, the Secretary-General of the Organization shared with teachers and students, inviting them to prepare themselves daily into becoming in the future professionals committed to their people.

“All these students are the pioneers of the future and the future we want. Let us hope to support and encourage them in this regard,” he stressed.

On her hand, the head of MINED thanked Bin Mussallam for his presence as part of the celebrations for the 42nd anniversary of the Great Literacy Crusade, an event that reduced the illiteracy rate in the country to 12.5 percent.

During the tour, the OEC delegation was able to see the progress made by the Central American nation in terms of educational quality, which can be witnessed in the Centre through its adequate infrastructure for the teaching-learning process.

“These are truly extraordinary achievements, knowing full well that here, as in all countries of the world, particularly in our countries of the South, there are challenges and difficulties. The aim is to overcome them, but never to capitulate to an infertile reality.” Bin Mussallam said before the farewell.


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