Organisation of Educational Cooperation

OSC unveils its new emblem


The Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC) unveils its new emblem.

On 18 November 2020, OEC initiated an international emblem design contest during which it invited the youth of its Founding States to conceptualise and design the Organisation’s future emblem.

After having reviewed hundreds of talented submissions, the Selection Committee selected the submission of Mr. Ode Samuel Ocha, from Abuja, Nigeria as OEC’s new emblem.

"The winning design is a creative combination of several elements. It uses creatively the Organisation’s acronyms to embrace the globe. It illustrates the Global South from where the Organisation has emerged and from where rose the Universal Declaration of Balanced and Inclusive Education whose symbol you see embracing the globe from the top taking a planetary dimension. Finally, the leaves in their very specific terra cotta colours represent the third and equitable inclusive way of development emerging through and from balanced and inclusive education,"


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