Secretary-General-elect pays a visit to the Comorian National Centre for Documentation and Scientific Research


The Secretary-General-elect of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC), H.E. Manssour Bin Mussallam, paid a visit to the National Centre for Documentation and Scientific Research (CNDSR) in Moroni.

The aim of the visit was to witness the work and activities undertaken by the National Centre in the conservation and documentation of Comoros’ natural and cultural heritage, and the promotion of scientific technical research.

Following a brief presentation of the main lines of action and medium-term strategic objectives, the Secretary-General-elect emphasised OEC’s determination to enhance educational research, access to endogenous knowledge and bridge the techno-digital-scientific divide that persists in societies of the Global South.

In order to serve societies and their development, the Secretary-General-elect stated that a knowledge-based economy and society has become vital to strengthen their economic and social development. Realising the potential of societies – he said – require investments in education and technology to foster the acquisition, development and use of endogenous technology, knowledge and skills, and to equip communities with the means, capabilities and resources required to contribute to society’s development.

After having expressed his gratitude for the Secretary-General-elect’s visit, the Director General of CNDSR Dr. Toiwilou Mze Hamadi emphasised the importance of enhancing access to endogenous technology and advance the process of digitalization to serve the future needs of the Comorian society and citizens. He expressed his readiness to identify avenues for mutual collaboration and partnership with OEC in the exchange of best-practices, knowledge and expertise.


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