Secretary-General meets with Nicaraguan student leaders

From the diversity, commitment and richness of youth ideas, the historic National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Managua, (Unan-Managua) hosted an honest and light-hearted dialogue between the Secretary-General of the Organisation of Educational Cooperation (OEC), H.E. Mr. Manssour Bin Mussallam and the President of the National Union of Students of Nicaragua (UNEN), Carlos Eduardo Diaz, as well as members of his Council.
“It was very important for me to have this meeting in the full knowledge that you are the cornerstone, and protagonists of the future. The OEC recognises you as actors of development, and of the future. Let us act in the present to forge the future we want. I am here to listen to you.” Bin Mussallam said while addressing the student leaders.

In welcoming the visiting delegation, Carlos Eduardo Díaz referred to the trust that the university students place in the OEC as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, as he considered that young Nicaraguans have much to learn and contribute to the countries of the South, and to the world in general.

The head of the OEC, on his hand, expressed the hope that the Universal Declaration on Balanced and Inclusive Education (UDBIE) would collectively draw up a roadmap to facilitate the coordination of the action referred to by the President of UNEN.

Copyright: Unión Nacional de Estudiantes de Nicaragua (UNEN)
He also pointed out that Nicaragua is a founding member state of the Organisation and was the first of its 27 member countries to ratify its Constitutive Charter as an instrument of equitable, just and prosperous social transformation through education.

“When we talk about the emancipatory power of education, we believe that it is the reason why states signed the Universal Declaration on Balanced and Inclusive Education (UDBIE). They signed it in this recognition that ,(…) in absolute, education can be an instrument of emancipation, and an instrument of collective construction.” Bin Mussallam concluded.


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