First Africa regional sub-consultation of ConGreS launched in Nairobi, Kenya

Secretary-General Manssour Bin Mussallam, together with Prof. Norbert Hounkonnou, President of the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC), and Varney Alieu Jarsey, President of the All-Africa Students Union (AASU), officially declare the first ConGreS African regional sub-consultation with scientists, artists, writers and civil society groups officially inaugurated in Nairobi, Kenya.

The first Africa regional sub-consultation is co-hosted with the All-Africa Students Union (AASU), and the Network of African Science Academies (NASAC), OSC Associate Members.

The Congres of the Greater South (ConGreS) is a momentous process in which delegates throughout the Global South and from across sectors will come together, in a series of consultations culminating with a Summit of the Greater South, to collectively contribute to a new and inclusive future for Humanity through the definition of a Third Way of Development, and the articulation of a common plan of action for its realisation.


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