OSC Celebrated a New Book Talk Series on Global Language Justice

Reflecting on the book “Global Language Justice” —edition by Lydia H. Liu, Anupama Rao, and Charlotte A. Silverman—, at a new edition of the Book Talk Series, the Chief of Section of Knowledge Development and Democratisation from the Department of Research, Evaluation, and Foresight of the Organisation of Southern Cooperation, Dr. Isabelle Zaugg shed light on linking language loss to environmental degradation, developmentalism, and the erosion of Indigenous communities.

With more than 40% of the world’s languages at risk of disappearing by the end of this century, the book brings together experts and scholars to explore what global language justice means in the face of the climate crisis. From socioeconomic transformations to digital vitality, it offers fresh perspectives and concrete solutions.

Hadjer Benounane, who is an interpreter and translator at the OSC, participated in the discussion with Dr. Isabelle, exchanging views on language in the South, and answering questions from the audience.


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